Quick Couplings and Vacuum Accessories


Quick Couplings and Accessories in Anodised Aluminium for vacuum processing of composite materials. The particular detail of this series is to maintain the absolute vacuum once the male and female fittings are detached from one another since the valves of both fittings close on their dedicated gasket. They are supplied with 50 Vickers surface hardening. All types of coupling have stop valves both in the male (PATENTED REVERSING VALVE) and female version, ideal for maintaining the vacuum inside the pressure autoclaves at high temperatures up to 200C°. The particular dimensions, the type of manufacturing and the type of material used give strength and duration over time, and a high level of quality, as well as complete interchangeability thanks to all the connection variations of the tubing planned and manufactured by us. Use sector: Vacuum, Composite Lamination (Civil and Industrial), Military, Automotive, Aerospace industries, etc…

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