Modular Manifolds


This type of manifolds is designed to be installed on mobile and fixed worktop of the presses, or directly to the dies and linked to their conditioning network or to the conditioning box near the machine.

The peculiarity of these manifolds is that, once they are fixed, they let the modules freely rotate in order to allow the changing of the accessories by keeping a very small total amount of space.

The cooling fluid passage is divided according to the number of installed modules which allows the micrometric control of the rated flow and the monitoring of its passage, through the “Visual Flow Indicators” and the “Flow Switches”.

Thanks to this system, there are two big advantages. Directly fixed to the die, it speeds up the loading since only the two pipings (inlet/outlet) have to be hooked-up and because it’s ready for use once the right temperature has been reached (it has been regulated during the previous installation).

In case of fixing to the mobile or fixed worktop of the machine or to the machines, this system allows a better order of the conditioning pipes of the injection chambers of the die. Actually, it will only be necessary to connect two conditioning pipings to the distributors and arrange the fluid inlet and outlet as required by using male/female pipe extensions.

Thanks to this system, the use of the die conditioning will be more rational and the area around the machine will be cleaner.

In the biomedical sector, it allows also a better partition of the conditioning areas through the mounting of different Modules with one, two or three holes.

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